Healthcare Team

Community Midwife

Hayley Harle –  Midwife

Community Nurses

Elaine Morris – Community Nurse
Debbie Lightfoot – Community Nurse
Lesley Avery – Community Nurse
Natalie Cossey – Community Nurse
Julie Edmends – Community Nurse
Marcia Kampandiapa – Community Nurse
Mercy Dyirakumunda – Community Nurse
Grace Daly – Community Nurse
Amul Solanki – Community Nurse

Community Healthcare Assistants

Sam Greany – Community HCA
Debbie Goddard – Community HCA
Michelle Keable – Community HCA
Amelia Myrie – Community HCA

Community Matron

Helen Mills – Community Matron
Our community matron visits chronically ill patients in their own homes, working very closely with the GPs and hospital doctors. She can help with coordinating all aspects of care to ensure those with long-term, complex chronic illnesses have access to all the services available to them. This can promote independence in the home and help prevent unnecessary and unplanned hospital admissions. She can be contacted via the surgery.

Health Visitor

Sharon Hensheer – Health Visitor
A health visitor is a registered nurse who has received training particularly related to babies, children and pregnant women. Their role is to provide families with children under 5 years old with support and advice around the general aspects of mental, physical and social wellbeing.