Make an appointment by visiting our Consulting Room.

All of the doctors and nurses see patients by appointment.

We advise you to see your usual doctor whenever possible to provide continuity of care and prevent confusion. Should your usual doctor be unavailable, you will be offered an appointment with one of the other doctors.

We will see patients on the same day for those who would prefer not to wait until the next pre-bookable appointment. This is not limited to emergency problems and you will not have to tell the receptionist the reason for your appointment unless you feel you want to. These appointments will be the same length as pre-bookable appointments.

In order to accommodate this same day demand for appointments, we offer ‘Book on Day’ appointments. We ask that you call on the day to book into these and you will be given an appointment time to avoid prolonged waits. Please note it will not be possible to guarantee a particular doctor for these book on day appointments. Should all the available book on day appointments be used we run a ‘Sit & Wait’ surgery and you will be given an “estimated appointment time”. Please note it will not be possible to guarantee a particular doctor for this ‘Sit & Wait’ surgery.

Blood Tests

In response to feedback from our patient survey this year, we are enabling patients to book blood test appointments online from Monday 2nd March. All booked appointments for blood tests must have been authorised by a GP, hospital Consultant or be in response to a reminder letter from the practice, e.g. for diabetic monitoring. Please do not use these blood test slots for anything other than authorised blood tests as our Phlebotomist is not qualified to diagnose or prescribe.

Text Messaging Appointment Reminder Service

You may be aware that an average of 40 hours per month of appointment time is wasted as patients forget either to attend or cancel appointments they have already booked. The practice has therefore implemented a service whereby we will send appointment reminders via SMS Text messages. We are able to offer this to all patients for whom we have a mobile phone number recorded on our system.

For the service to be effective, it is important that we have your most up-to-date mobile phone details by completing a contact details form via reception.

Should you wish to be excluded from the text messaging service, please contact us.

Extended Access Appointments

Appointments with GPs and Practice Nurses are now available in the evenings and weekends for patients registered in any of the 3 Leighton Buzzard practices; these are called ‘Extended Access’ appointments.

When you call to make an appointment we may offer you an ‘Extended Access’ appointment, this appointment will be offered from the Leighton Road Surgery base, and will be with a GP or Practice Nurse from one of the practices across Bedfordshire.

Our reception team will confirm all of the details at the time of booking and if you are registered to receive text message alerts, you will receive a text message to confirm the date, time and location of your appointment. Please note that, at present, Extended Access appointments are not available to book online.

There has been no change to normal surgery appointments which are available as usual including our existing Extended Hours with early morning and late evening appointments on Wednesdays. If you would prefer to see a GP or Practice Nurse from this practice, please book an appointment during normal opening hours.